Take a Hike! Jill Eudaly

McConnells Mills State Park is a western PA treasure. The 2,546 park acres are  covered in boulders and divided by a gorge. This is not an easy place to hike but the combination of water, rocks, trees and green mosses is a wonder to behold. Just make sure you stand still to take in all the beauty because your eyes need to be on the rocky trails as you walk.

I left my camera at home on this day because these trails are difficult to traverse at times and I didn’t want the weight of my Canon slowing me down.  I made due with the camera on my cell phone.





The Slippery Rock Creek


The boulders inside the park were left by an ancient  glacier. It’s amazing how plants have managed to thrive amount the piles of rocks.


I hope you enjoy the photos from this hike. I’m sure there is a beautiful park near you so get outside and take a hike of your own. Fresh air, sun shine on your face, and lets not forget exercise, is good for your soul. See you on the trails!


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