Deception Falls Diane Moore

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Along a rest area in a place near Stevens Pass, WA is a 1/2 mile trail through an amazing forest. Stevens Pass is sort of a dividing line for the people of Washington, with the west being referred to as the “wet side” and the east as the “dry side”. The distinction is made clear as you walk into the woods. Deception Falls National Recreation Area is clearly on the “wet side”.


Lichen and moss coated trees outline an exceptional path through the woods. Trees canopy overhead creating a world within the woods. Waterfalls are encountered in the upper and lower end of the trail. The force of the water makes the falls seem like foam. The sound of rushing water is heard all along the trail. In between the falls is a calm water pool, sterile of life, possibly from the water rushing past above and below.


In the early 1900’s, a fungus spread from France to the western United States. Called White Pine blister rust, the fungus rapidly spread, wiping out most of the White Pine trees attacked. One majestic pine still stands in this area, and is possibly the last survivor of the blight. Lending an additional magical feel to the woods, this tall pine had me in awe trying to see to its top.



If you have ever imagined as a child where the fairies might live, this would be the magical place for me. The green coated trees, moist ground and pools of water make my mind run rampant. I stopped over and over again, smiling each time, as I tried to capture the beauty of the area in a picture. I can’t say that I truly did.

by Diane Moore

photos by Diane Moore


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