Peshastin Pinnacles Diane Moore

Peshastin Pinnacles State Park

Not far from Leavenworth is a small 34 acre state park with sandstone pinnacles, named after the nearest town Peshastin. Know for it’s views of the local orchards, the Wenatchee Valley, and the Enchantment Range, the 1.5 mile loop trail is well worth a visit for its beauty. Wildflowers lined the trail and many were species I had never seen, which had me stopping for pictures along the way.



The trail is a steep series of switchbacks, winding to the pinnacles at the top. Hikers and climbers have beaten paths throughout the park, making it difficult to keep to the main trail. I went in the evening, hoping for cooler temperatures and sunset views. The sandy, steep trails has me sliding, and on my hands and knees at one point, scrambling for traction.


The Peshastin Pinnacles

When I’m outdoors, walking or hiking, so many thoughts run through my head. After living in the Grand Canyon for 6 months, I talked with a lot of experienced hikers and recalled the advice they gave to me and questioning guests. I could hear each one of them, telling me I should wear proper shoes, asking why I hadn’t told anyone where I was at, or my expected return time. They weren’t happy that my goal had been to reach the top about sun set, yet I had no light with me other than my cell phone.


The Thinker

After many false starts, I finally made it to the top of the trail I was on, but couldn’t find how to get around the back of the pinnacles. The views were outstanding toward the valley and orchards, the sun was setting behind the Enchantment Mountain Range and washed out all the color in that direction. I was also stuck. I couldn’t find a path to take me further, and I was sliding and grasping for nearby bushes for assistance. I attempted several short trails in different directions, but finally decided due to the time of day, and slippery slopes, I should return to my truck and come back another day. I had passed another couple earlier, hiking in the opposite direction and they had also been questioning the trail, so I knew I might have trouble getting back down. Happy I survived, but disappointed that I hadn’t been able to take the pictures I had hoped for, I plan to return later in the week during the morning, for better lighting.


Wanatchee Vally

A few days later, I went back again and started the trail in the opposite direction that I had taken the first time. A short distance down the trail, I again was finding false trails and confused as to how to go further. I finally decided to return to my starting point and try again. On my way down, I found a more clearly defined path heading up, so I followed. I ended up in the same spot I had the previous visit, so have to assume it is as far as you can get, without actually climbing the pinnacles. This time the sun was behind me and the views were outstanding. Enjoy the pictures!

by Diane Moore

photos by Diane Moore




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