New Home Diane Moore

A New Home for the Summer
Something great about traveling, and changing environments every 6 months, is all the
differences that pop out at you. Going from a semi-arid desert climate in Arizona, to a semi-arid climate in central Washington doesn’t sound like a great change in wording, but visually, the differences are vast.
The $owering trees are breathtaking. Row, upon row of orchards highlight the roads. Soon to be apples and pears, for now, the $owering buds bring a visual pleasure to every person passing by. Wild $owers are in abundance in the meadows, and woods. Establishing a hold on an area with enough soil, they persevere on rocks and slopes, capturing your focus.
I grew up with grass, but after living in the desert for 6 months with weed like clumps, going to an open meadow is a wonder. The dog hasn’t stopped rolling in it. My eyes can’t stop taking all the green in. It never looked so colorful.
Snowcapped mountains are quickly melting in the beautiful spring weather, creating waterfalls and rising rivers. An overcast day, and the mountains are wrapped in clouds like garland on a Christmas tree. The contrasting black mountains, with the white clouds is a splendor you can’t stop looking at.
Living in Pennsylvania most of my life, I was surrounded by water. Everywhere you went there were lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. Playing in the creek as a child was a favorite past time. Walking the dog in the warm weather wasn’t a problem, as she could get drinks along the way, and play in the water to cool off. In the desert you have to search for pockets of water. So, being beside a river with the beauty of rapids, yet calm on the edges, allows us to again take walks when the temperature is high.
Even the cat gets a new treat. In the desert the coyotes were brazen and would walk within feet of myself and the dog. The cat wants to go outside, but had to accompany her each time, even though she stays within yards of the camper. With much less threat of harm, she is able to go in and out on her own. Although I have been reading that there are cougars and bear in the area, so far the only wild animal we have seen is a very large turkey.
by Diane Moore
Photos by Diane Moore

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