Mother nature is hard at work in April. The trees are budding and grass is growing. Sadly Texas is getting to much rain and earthquakes in other countries are making headlines.

Our planet is our home. We try to control our environment with our egos and fail to understand that we are just one part of this large system that would function very well without humans.

This week Diane Moore visits ancient lava fields and finds signs of life among the rubble.

I have started a many part series on how humans impact the environment in ways that are not making headlines. Little things that escape our attention are starting to add up and a tipping point is in our near future if we don’t heed the warning signs.

Click on a photo and happy reading. New content is published here on Mondays.

This week  I challenge you to read labels and find nontoxic products to use in your home. If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for the planet.

Be kind and have a great week,

Jill Eudaly


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