No Genres Jill Eudaly

I’ve always been reader. Over the years my taste in books has varied. In my twenties I ploughed through the classics. In my thirties there were a lot of romances, they were fast reads and required no thought. (Life was very busy that decade) In my forties I was thrilled by the Young Adult authors. Books filled with adventure, no house work, no taxes or any other adult worry. As I’m about to start a new decade I’m leaving genres behind. I now require two things from a book, a good story and an author who skillfully strings words together.

I’ve recently started reading nonfiction, a genre that has never captured my imagination. I never knew a nonfiction book could make me laugh out loud. Not sure why I thought this since people by nature are unpredictable which makes for interesting stories.

This new outlook of “don’t judge a book by its genre” was tested last week. I often check our county library card catalogue for new books. Our county has several public library branches and they choose and buy books separately. This makes for endlessly interesting choices. I requested a new book from one of these branches be sent to the library I use most. (Close to my home)

I read the summery for Hour of the Bees, by Lindsey Eagar, and thought it sounded interesting. What I didn’t notice was that the book was catalogued under J, for juvenile. I decided to give the book a shot anyway; it was in my hands…why not?

I’m so glad I opened the book. After the first chapter I forgot it was for juveniles. (I personally think it should fall under YA) I was hooked by chapter two, what was going to happen next? This book had everything, a tough grandpa, kids, blended family, the New Mexico desert, a failing sheep ranch, rattle snakes, family stories and a magical tree. Oh, and bees!

I’ve been telling everyone I know who loves books about Hour of the Bees. It is a wonderful tale you won’t soon forget and isn’t that the mark of a great book?

Please visit all shelves inside your local library or book story. A whole new world will open up for you. Get out of your book rut this week and go on a new adventure.

By Jill Eudaly


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