Arco Diane Moore

I enjoyed my trip from the Grand Canyon to Leavenworth, WA. I saw some funny things along the way that I couldn’t capture in a photograph. Stopping for pictures when you’re towing a 31 foot camper isn’t always the easiest thing to do. On a back road in Utah, a farm had placed their old, rusty tractors as lawn ornaments in their front yard. To complete the look, they had skeletons riding in the seats. I can still visualize it, but wish I could have photographed it. I love quirky people. Another day, I was driving through the mountains in Idaho. Something brown kept fluttering through the air and landing around me. I swore it looked like onion skins. Sure enough, several miles later I passed a large truck. It was loaded to the top with yellow onions. I’m glad I saw it, or I would have never been sure if I had been right. I don’t think I have ever had onion skins floating toward me as I drove down the road before.

One of my stops was in Arco, Idaho. A small town that made a name for itself back in 1955. The nearby nuclear testing facility lit the town for about an hour with nuclear energy. It was the first community in the world to be lit solely by electricity generated by nuclear power. In 1961, the town again made the news. Sadly, the nuclear reactor had a meltdown causing 3 deaths, and the world’s first fatal nuclear accident.


The town is surrounded by the Lost River Range. Beautiful snow capped mountain peaks. I watched a storm approach, then I drove through the deluge. It only lasted a few minutes, and I was rewarded with a beautiful double rainbow that I could see from end to end.


The next morning I drove through the town, specifically to see Arco Hill. In 1920 the graduates of the local high school climbed the hill to paint their graduating year on the side. It has become a tradition maintained to this day. The hill itself is now a tourist attraction. Arco is in a remote area, but has another nearby attraction that was the main reason I had gone out of my way. I’ll tell you about that, next week.


by Diane Moore

photos by Diane Moore


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