Keeping Track of it All Corrine Gilman

Flow creates a wonderful abundance of endorphins to keep you motivated, but not the organization needed to keep track of it all.  I’ve been working simultaneously on many projects while getting ready to teach a workshop next Saturday.  Ideas are arriving almost faster than I can keep up and I keep writing them down everywhere.  This weekend I spoke with a dear friend and fellow creative Carolyn Dube, a wunderkind all her own. We laughed, laughed some more and talked about all the places we keep notes about ideas, mostly on scraps of paper and in notebooks that are everywhere  and never where we need them to be to remember that flash of inspiration. It seems impossible for both of us to keep track of it all.  When I woke this morning after an early start because we “sprung forward” for daylight savings time here in the USA, I had an organizational breakthrough.  A box, to keep all those scraps of paper in one place, notebook pages included.  A box of MYSTERY in which I would draw a scrap out and make that project written there.  And if I absolutely had no juice left for that idea, I would toss that scrap once and for all and pick another.  Simplistic, maybe, but what a relief to have a system where I could find the ideas, but not stress about how to go about keeping track of them, they would be right there, on my worktable, ripe for the taking.  I’ll let you know how it goes and when my box is done, give you a look see.

Last week I did manage to finish two projects, and write at least 7-8 more ideas down.  I think my MYSTERY box is going to have to be pretty large, maybe a suitcase will do, a traveling world of ideas simmering inside together.  It’s developing is all I can say.  Enough of this, how about a couple of visuals of what I did get done.

Some small books to be given away.


Some tassels for a swap with stitching friends.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

by Corrine Gilman

photos by Corrine Gilman





2 thoughts on “Keeping Track of it All Corrine Gilman

  1. Why oh why do I tear recipes out of magazines? There’s about 2 chances I’m going to make them.. Two chances..slim and none!

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