Dear friends,

Today’s posts are about stopping and focusing on what is important.

Diane Moore is exploring one of America’s greatest natural wonders, the Grand Canyon. Thankfully the land and wild life have been preserved for future generations.

I strongly encourage you to read the post on Seed, The Untold Story. We as a country, as a global community, need to focus on our food supply. Our children, and their children’s, health and ability to feed the world’s population is at stake, right now.

Please take a look at the 3.32 minute movie trailer for the Seed movie. There are also many links listed for more information about the project.

I encourage you to also watch the many doctumentaries about food on Netflix. I highly recommend Cooked. Please take a few moments today and reflect on the food you and your family are eating. People all over the world are struggling with the same issue, time vs. healthy home cooked food. We are responsible for what we choose for dinner, make a good choice today.

While on this site click  a photo and read. New content is published here every Monday.

Enjoy the week ahead,

Jill Eudaly







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