Seed The Untold Story Jill Eudaly


A few years ago I came across a Kickstarter project that I had to support. It was for a documentary about the state of seeds around the world.  Many people don’t sow seeds, or think about plants, ever. We need to begin to pay attention to how the world’s seed supply is being controlled and the rapid extinction of plant species. Our world is plant driven. Not only do plants provide us with oxygen, they are the food source that keeps all animals alive.

Recently our Senate passed a bill that would block states from passing  laws that  require produce growers and food manufactures to label their products as GMO. Farmers who are growing organic food in the U.S.A — jump through hoops to prove they are chemical free. On the other hand farmers who use chemicals and GMO seeds do not have to tell the consumers about their product. Poisoning people and the land is fine with our government. Cheap toxic food keeps the masses down. Corporations are determining the future of nature with science that is based on PROFIT.

On March 25th, Seed, The Untold Story will premiere at the Environmental Film Festival in Washington D.C.

The video clip below will explain the movie far better than I.

For more information:

Seed The Move

Environmental Film Festival

Join the Facebook page Seed The Movie


Friends, we have to start participating in what is happening within our food chain and overall environment.

by Jill Eudaly








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