Chapel of the Holy Cross Diane Moore

Chapel of the Holy Cross


Inspired by the construction of the Empire State Building in 1932, Sedona rancher and sculptor, Marguerite Brunswig Staude, decided to build a church in her native region. Completed in 1956 at the cost of $300,000, the chapel is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. The chapel was built in the Cococino National Forest with a special use permit. In 1957 the American Institute of Architects gave the Chapel its Award of Honor. In 2007, the state of Arizona voted the Chapel one of the 7 man-made wonders of Arizona.


Sedona is also home to a new age culture. Believers feel the Chapel is located in an energy vortex. The vortex is a subtle energy coming out of the center of the earth. The locations is considered to be ideal for meditation, healing and prayer. An ideal alignment with the hopes of Marguerite Staude.

by Diane Moore

photos by Diane Moore




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