Of Birds & Friends Lynn Radford

Honesty. Loyalty. Integrity.

When one matures, these qualities become valuable and treasured. To find them all in one person with whom you enjoy spending time, is rare. It is as rare as true friendship.

This past week, I was delighted to visit with one of the few women in my life who exemplify these qualities. She is none other than our blog hostess, Jill Eudaly.

Despite the fact that we live less than a half an hour away from one another, our visits are infrequent. We interact near daily via messages and social media, but it is a treat indeed to spend several hours chatting and catching up.

We talked about everything from artist accountability, to platforms, to politics and back again. I’d jotted down several things I wanted to be sure and talk about, but time got away from us and truthfully, I was enjoying the natural direction of our conversation so much that I forgot to check my list.

We talk a good deal about interactions with nature and the people in our lives on this blog. That is because the alternative to interacting is a loneliness so profound that it is unthinkable. And yet, I believe that many of us have experienced such loneliness regularly throughout our lives. It is possible to feel such loneliness even in the company of others.

Today, as I reflect on my good fortune to have such a friend with whom to converse and interact, I find myself hoping that you have a few yourself.


P.S. This past weekend was the Great Backyard Bird Count. It allowed me to spend some quality time observing my feeders without the guilt of feeling I should be doing other things. I actually braved the single digit temperatures on Valentine’s Day to get some photos. The most spectacular specimen I viewed was the Red-bellied Woodpecker. He is a rare visitor and I was blessed to get some great shots of him.

by Lynn Radford

photos by Lynn Radford


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