Kissing Pickles Jill Eudaly

Valentine’s Day, I love it! In the dead of winter red and pink hearts show up. This year western PA was in a deep freeze, the holiday was a nice distraction.

I don’t get caught up in the romance or consumerism. Instead I enjoy all the side benefits this day brings. It’s easy to find events that have nothing to do with soulmates and roses.

One of my favorite Valentine’s Day events is the Bottlebrush Gallery’s Have a Heart for Pets donation drive for the Humane Society of Butler County. It’s a rockin party! Food, live music, raffles, art and a few four legged friends. This year the event was scaled back a bit but they plan to “go big” again next year. Crossing my fingers that pickles will be back in the kissing booth.


Our local library did a Blind Date with a Book this year. It was a hit with the  patrons.  The idea is simple, take a wrapped book home and give it a read. No judging the book by it’s cover…you can’t see it! Everyone who participates is entered in a drawing for a Valentine’s Day themed gift basket.

And God bless my mother for having a girls Valentine’s Day potluck lunch at her home. The temperature was wicked cold outside but the company was warm and satisfying. Some guest were single and some were married. The lovely ladies ranged from eight years old to…none of your business. One thing is for sure, we all had a wonderful afternoon.

If this Valentine’s Day was uneventful I encourage you to look for something fun going on in your community next year or create an event of your own. Hang red and pink hearts, that’s a good start. Life is best when you fully participate. XOXO

by Jill Eudaly

photos by Jill Eudaly

Also visit Jill’s art blog The 365 Flowers Project



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