I Would Never Eva Eudaly

I Would Never

The family down the road has something against me. I swear every time a little thing goes wrong my mom gets a call.


Oh no, I can just think what’s going to happen to me this time when she gets off of the phone, looks me dead in the eye…”Sam,”she starts. ”I heard from the neighbors that they saw you painting their dog pink!”

”Mom, would I ever do that.”

Within a heartbeat she answered, “You would paint anything that moves.”

“Wow you don’t believe your own son.” I proclaimed, “ What about trust what about us?”

“Stop quoting songs Sam,” she said with a hand on her head looking down. “You’re just like your idiot father, always trying to get out of things.”


“ Not as much as the Smiths dog after YOU PAINTED IT PINK!”

“ Okay. I’m going to be the bigger person and just ground myself before I have to hear one of your painful “life” stories.”

“ Samuel Jones get back here now!”

“ Sorry mom but the cat down the road said it wants to be blue.”

“ I thought you grounded your self?!!”

“ It’s just one last hurrah before jail time. Oh, and mom, I would never.”

by Eva Eudaly

photo by Jill Eudaly



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