The Universe Answers Jill Eudaly

Have you ever had an idea give you a jolt, like you’ve been shocked? Perhaps the idea bloomed  inside your head so fast it took your breath away? This idea was not something you were struggling to find, it was something that found you.

I just finished Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic. In the book she presents this phenomenon (of ideas finding people) as Big Magic. She believes that the universe (or God) is swirling with ideas; we just have to be open to catching them. The capturing of the idea is actually the easy part. The hard part is realizing what you’ve been given and figuring out how to manifest the idea into the physical world. The whole process is left up to you and there is no predictable outcome.

I’ve personally experienced Big Magic a few times. I’ve just had no context in which to explain the experience. A week ago I was pondering, “What should I do, I need a new project?” The message I sent to the universe was something like, “Hey, I’m here looking to create something, got anything for me?” The answer came back as, “You bet!”

While in the shower, not thinking about much, a children’s book slammed into my head. Not a real book silly rabbits, an idea for a book. Where did it come from?

It was full of details, had a beginning, middle and end. I jumped out of the shower and quickly wrote it all down, then started on rewrites. By nightfall I was on my third revision. It still needs some work but folks I got something here.

The book idea came to me without brain storming or struggling over a blank page. It felt like someone was downloading the idea into my head. I was not actively thinking– I was taking in information. So for me, big and magic are defiantly the right descriptors. It is a wonderful experience but very weird at the same time.

Gilbert shares stories of other artist, writers and musicians who all claim outside forces fed them words and images that directed their work. Having trouble believing in Big Magic?

So far I’ve talked about magic forces (it’s just a term). Here are some forces and truths that we cannot see or feel but none the less are true.

Every year the moon moves out of Earth’s orbit 3.8 centimeters. Did you notice?

Earthquakes affect the rotation speed of the earth. The scientists who keep track of our daily spin here on Earth report that an earthquake will speed up the earth’s rotation by a few microseconds. Next time you hear about an earthquake, think about it, did you feel the earth spinning faster?

There is an interesting article on noise in the Jan/Feb 2016 (page 50) issue of Rodale’s Organic Life. The essay was written by Edward Readicker-Henderson. Here are a few lines that caught my attention.

“When R. Murry Schafer, a Canadian sound researcher, asked North Americans to hum a note, they produced a B natural—the same pitch as the electricity buzzing in the wires everywhere. (In the UK, folks hummed a G-sharp—the frequency of their current.) We have become the noise.

Did you know you were in harmony with our electrical grid?

Lastly tears, it turns out they are more than salt water. Researchers have analyzed a variety of tears. Tears of sadness, grief, happiness and tears brought on by outside forces like, dust, onions and other substances. They found oils, antibodies and enzymes mixed in our tears. These substances were found in varying amounts depending on what triggered the tears.

The next time you see someone crying, remember that along with the emotions, there is a chemical response happen within the person’s body. I now think of tears as a complex biological process.

Everyday there are things going on around us that we are not aware of but they are there just the same. The idea of Big Magic, ideas released into the air around us, cannot be measured with scientific instruments. For now it comes down to, if you have experience it, you believe. If it hasn’t happened to you then I suggest you open yourself up to Big Magic and get ready. Just remember, that Big Magic is a creative spark that is bestowed upon you. What you do with it is a whole other topic. In other words, you get the blessing and what happens next is your personal adventure that comes with no guaranties nor refund.

by Jill Eudaly

photo by Jill Eudaly








3 thoughts on “The Universe Answers Jill Eudaly

  1. Wonderful post! Been dying to read Big Magic, no one got me a B&N gc this year… and getting to the library is tough, so I wait. In the meantime, I can definitely relate! I refer to it as being Spirit-led. I feel strongly that the Creator lives in us. And that when we have these ideas, when we are inspired, we are Spirit-led by the Creator in us. I listen as oft as I am able because the Spirit has never led me down the wrong path. I know that the things I do, or create when I am Spirit-led are not things of my own doing. They are gifts that I embraced. And I am grateful.

    1. So glad you liked the post. I like the way you explain Big Magic. I’m hooked on those two words. I smile and puff my chest up when I say them. so fun!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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