Diane Moore

Escaping from tourists, I became a tourist. A drive through some different parts of Arizona is what I needed to clear my head, and to melt the snow in the bed of my pickup. I went from a 15 degree morning when I left home at the Grand Canyon, to 59 degrees in Parker, AZ. When I returned, I no longer had murder on my mind, so it was a successful trip.

The best road trips for me, are those that are only semi-planned. I had a general idea where I was headed when I set out, but it is always subject to change. When I lived in Nevada, the snowbirds passing through were headed to Lake Havasu City, AZ, home of the London Bridge. How could you miss seeing that in your lifetime?


In 1967, the founder of Lake Havasu City, Richard McCullough, purchased the London Bridge. Originally built over the River Thames in London in 1831, the bridge was the replacement for the timber bridge of the famed nursery rhyme. Purchased for $2,460,000, McCullough spent another $7 million to have the bridge shipped, then trucked to the AZ city. Each piece of granite was meticulously marked with a coded numbering system to assure it would be rebuilt properly. By 1971, the bridge was reconstructed in AZ and opened to traffic. The bridge is now the second largest attraction in AZ, only surpassed by the Grand Canyon.


by Diane Moore

photos by Diane Moore





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