Getting Lost Jill Eudaly

Daydreaming is becoming a lost art. Letting your mind wander or being comfortable in solitude are no longer part of daily life. Spare moments are now spent in front of a glowing screen. I would like to start a movement that brings daydreaming back. The best way to jumpstart your daydreaming is to get lost for a while.

Two years ago my husband built me an art studio. My heart’s desire was given to me. My family was thrilled that my art projects were no longer taking over our living space. Happy days, right?

A funny thing happened, weeks go by and I never step foot in my studio. I’ve been making art in spurts sandwiched between long periods of no activity. On January 1st, I rebooted my art blog with The 365 Flowers Project. The plan is to visit my studio every day and make a small piece of art that is a flower or has a flower theme. I now have a plan.

Confession, I’m following the advice of another writer/artist and using someone else’s plan. A few years ago Noah Scalin did a Skull a Day project. The project led him to many unexpected opportunities. Recently I watched a video of a lecture Noah gave, 10 Things I Know About Work. He encouraged artist to make art every day, develop a work ethic. The best advice he gave was in the form of a metaphor. He said ideas are snowballs that you roll downhill. Some will stop short; some will grow into big things. You never know which ones will grow but if you don’t send snowballs down the hill nothing will happen.

This year for Christmas I bought my daughter Austin Kleon’s book, Steal Like an Artist. The book drives home this point, also a Bible verse, “There is nothing new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9) Kleon suggests finding heroes. Find people who have done or are doing what you want to do. This works for anything you might want to achieve. Study your heroes, learn their secrets. Then, find a way to express what you have learned in a way that reflects You and Your unique perspective. In other words, make it your own. Good advice.

That last step sometimes means we have to get out of our own way. The best way to clear your head or find a new perspective is to get lost, wander around away from your work space. Take a walk or get in your car and turn off the GPS. Go to places outside your normal routine. When you return home, your home will be the same but what is rolling around inside your head will be different.

If you find you’re looking for a new direction in 2016, I suggest you daydream, make snowballs and get lost for a few hours. Do these things and let me know what happens!

By Jill Eudaly   The 365 Flowers Project

photo by Jill Eudaly






One thought on “Getting Lost Jill Eudaly

  1. Love Austin Kleon’s book. Daydreaming, that’s why I missed writing this time…..but it’s a good thing. next week, unless I’m daydreaming again. Or my fingers have frozen off like they could have today. Check out my new web site and add it to your list.

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