We hope you are enjoying the lull before New Year’s Eve. 2016 brings a sense of endless possibilities as we hang our new calendars. Although this system of marking time is a purely human idea I find it a great motivator and beacon of hope. A fresh start is most welcoming during these shortest days of the year.

This week we reflect on how we spend our time in these last days of 2015.

Nancy Stach has written a commentary on holiday fanfare that perfectly captures the typical American household.

I’m compiling New Year’s resolutions and a motto to live by for 2016’s 365 days.

New content is posted here on Monday mornings. Click a photo and read one of our food for thought articles. Make 2016 the year you connect with your environment and the people who surround you.

Best wishes to you and yours in these last days of 2015,

Jill Eudaly

P.S. A few words from my mom…retiree on the go!

Looking for a good book to read? Here is a good one!

The Sound of Glass by, Karen White




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