The Christmas Cycle Nancy Stach


When Thanksgiving is over it’s time to decorate for Christmas. Knickknacks, flower arrangements and grandma’s bowl that sits on the dining room table are put away. All the clutter spots are cleaned up and furniture is moved. Put away all the kids’ artwork and school pictures so we can decorate.

As you bake and cook put things away, in a hurry. Kids out of school, coats, backpack and lunchboxes go in the closet.

Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner everyone helps—where are the measuring spoons???

We open gifts and sit among things, wrapping paper and boxes.

All too soon it’s over, time to put Christmas away. I open my Christmas storage closet to find all the things from the family room I moved to make way for Christmas decorating. So it begins, Spring Cleaning comes early this year…

By Nancy Stach




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