Looking for a Challenge Jill Eudaly

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve always seems like a balancing act. I want to relax and catch my breath but my brain wants to set goals for the New Year. There is also the need to get things in order which is funny because I don’t possess the “organizing” gene. I’m more the always hunting for my car keys, piles of clutter on the kitchen bar and not certain what day of the week it might be kind of person.

Many people party like it’s 1999 on New Year’s Eve while others barley acknowledge the event. No other creature on Earth marks the first day of January as the start of something new.

I find New Year’s resolutions to be an interesting human invention. I fall into the group that makes resolutions. I believe we are an optimistic lot. I see January 1st as the first day of an empty year. Anything is possible and there is hope that this blank expanse of time before us will be better than the previous year.

My New Year’s resolutions list is a clique, eat healthier food and exercise along with a few other personal goals. Like millions of people some of my resolutions will be forgotten in six to eight weeks. I’m aware of this fact and except it.

So why bother? Because, the New Year’s resolution list has become a secondary function when setting my New Year goals. A few years ago I decided to assign the New Year a motto or theme if you will. The resolutions fall in behind the theme. If a resolution doesn’t take root I choose another goal that works for the year’s motto.

In 2014 my theme was “go and do.” Basically it looked like this;

Go and Do = Get off the Sofa

If I found myself parked on the sofa for long periods of time I would remind myself to “go and do.” My New Year’s resolution list gave me options for WHAT to go and do.

2015’s theme was “Be Here”. To live in the moment and enjoy wherever I found myself. I have never been more happy or content. Here is a tip on how to make that happen, Stop Over Thinking! In other words, don’t think. It also helps to put a smile on your face. Do these two things for a month and you will see what I mean.

So I got myself moving in 2014 and content in 2015. What will I be doing in 2016?

Drum roll please…

Be All You Can Be in 2016! No, I’m not joining the Army, just borrowing their slogan. This year I’m challenging myself to do things I don’t think I’m capable of doing. Should be an interesting year!

Are you making any New Year’s resolutions this year?

By Jill Eudaly

Photo by Jill Eudaly….that’s me climbing the stairs at Chimney Rock, NC. If you have been there you know that this is not a climb for the faint of heart!





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