Plumb and True Corrine Gilman

I’ve always been a lover of stones.  Smooth stones with stories to tell.  In our last house we were perched above a pond and I carried tons(literally) of stones home and placed them all around the yard, and in the house. Stones keep me grounded.  Their history so old, they seemed the perfect anchor to my life. Now we live in a house with a double foundation of granite.  Inside the basement is a second foundation wall built on ledge that holds the center of the house still.  In 215 years the house barely settled, all the doors were plumb and true, but I still collect stones, now mostly the ones with stories that intrigue me as I am as centered as my house with it’s double foundation. I belong here.

In this world we notice certain aspects of the landscape. For each of us it is different.  For me it’s stones, for you it might be mountains or trees or the sea. Whatever connects us to the planet strongly is something we need cherish, for it is our map and our compass for moving through this world.  For me it’s stones, for you?

by Corrine Gilman

photo by Corrine Gilman



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