Choosing is Everything Corrine Gilman

At this time of the solstice, the darkest day of the year,I choose to focus on the light.  I’ve long ago stopped watching the daily 24 hour news cycle, stopped reading the hateful message all over the internet from every side.

Instead I’ve chosen to focus on what good I can do in the world, to bring the light in to my life.  As I move through the end of my 59 years young I realize that it begins when I look in the mirror each day.  Am I happy?  If not I can’t spread it out.  So get over myself and keep moving toward the light.

I try and say something nice when I am out to strangers on the street, it takes no effort but the reward of the smile from someone being noticed is worth everything. Maybe that person will say something nice to someone they meet, and pay it forward.

I give to charity, I volunteer, I support animal rescue, I won’t shop or buy products that harm the environment or support greed or workplaces that have no care for their own workers.

I make gifts with my own creative juices, and I believe that those who receive them appreciate them because we are like minded and believe in focusing on the light.

Each act is important, noticing your own small neighborhood is important, being a caring human is important.  Choosing is everything.

In this time of the solstice, the yule, bring the light from inside you out into the world, it is a magical thing.

by Corrine Gilman

photo by Corrine Gilman



5 thoughts on “Choosing is Everything Corrine Gilman

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