Interactions Lynn Radford

This is the season for interaction. There are family get-togethers, holiday parties and special events. There are quiet dinners and big shindigs. Some of these are occasions we want to show up for and others are merely obligations. How we approach them is paramount to what we derive from them.

So far, I have been to one party, narrowly avoided two events I was dreading and just when I thought I was safe… another party invite hits the calendar!

Needless to say, as an introvert who has difficulty with anxiety, I’m not the first person you’d put on the list for your cocktail party. That said, I enjoyed the Christmas party more than I thought I would. Once I embraced the fact that I had to go, everything just settled into place, including the calm I needed to carry on.

Other, more intimate settings, are where I shine… lunch with a friend, shopping with my daughters, making memories with my grandson. Thankfully, there are enough of these to ease the pain of
larger events.


This past week, I found that my very favorite interaction, the one that brought me the most joy, was simply decorating sugar cookies with my two year old grandson.


If you are a social butterfly who loves all the events and parties, I hope there are many for you to enjoy. But if you are like me, I wish you a plethora of quiet, intimate moments with close friends and family that bring you peace and joy.

However you embrace the season, may it be all you wish for and nothing you don’t!
by Lynn Radford

photos by Lynn Radford






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