The Christmas season has truly arrived. Letters to Santa have been written, stores fronts are decorated, Christmas cards are showing up in the mail and radio stations are playing our favorite carols.

We are settling into the season together but we all have our own way of celebrating.

This week Corrine Gilman is reminding us to be conscience consumers by purchasing gifts where the sale proceeds benefit others and to find our own internal peace.

Lynn Radford searches for Christmas as she grieves the loss of her mother.

I am wrestling with the inevitable changes that happen in life as your children become adults.

The Christmas season is joyous, full of sparkles, and deeply emotional. At times it can seem like a roller coaster ride you didn’t sign up for. Take heart, the New Year will be here before you know it! In the mean time take a few deep breaths and enjoy your day.

Merry Christmas!

Jill Eudaly

P.S. A few words from my mom….retiree on the go!

If you find yourself with too many Christmas decorations or are just tired of the ones you have had for years, I have a few suggestions.

Get a group of friends together for a decoration swap. Everyone brings a few, trades with someone else, and leaves with a few “new to you” ornaments.     Or     Again, get a group together but instead of swapping the decorations everyone buys the ordainments for a small price. All proceeds are then donated to a local food bank or other charity.


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