It’s in Your Heart Lynn Radford

Life has been a struggle since losing my mother in July. I’ve been trying to get back into the swing without much success. I keep getting up each morning, going through the motions without getting anywhere. I’ve pretty much stopped creating art. Inspiration has been elusive and although I miss it from time to time, it’s not something one can force. I’ve been trying to live in the moment, to take solace in the little things.

Thanksgiving was very difficult, but I resolved to approach Christmas as a celebration of my mother and her love of the season.

The media driven frenzy that is Black Friday has never been my thing. Instead, I use that day to begin putting up the Christmas decorations.

The Christmas season finds me in the kitchen more than any other, so that’s where I began.


Our pre-lit tree had to be exchanged on the warranty this year, as several sections were out and couldn’t be easily fixed. Once up, the whole Christmas collection descended on the living room. And there it sits, mid-adornment…



Most years, I delight in decorating, knowing that it sets the backdrop for some of our most treasured memories. This year, the joy is difficult to find, despite the knowledge that my two and half year old grandson will greet it with that sense of awe we all still wish we had.

For those of you who might be having similar difficulties, know that you are not alone.

A treasured childhood Christmas song answers the question, “Where is Christmas? It’s in your heart!”

My wish is that we all find it in time.




4 thoughts on “It’s in Your Heart Lynn Radford

  1. I think all of us miss those we love, but when it’s still raw it’s the hardest. My heart is with you. xox Corrine

  2. My Mum died last year, this month, so I relate to your sadness. I have been on a crocheting frenzy lately. I have to wonder if it is because my Mum taught me the skill, and I treasure her handmade items. Making something homemade for others, using the artistry she gave me is my way of keeping her with us year round and especially on Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful holiday, and can enjoy the delight of your grandchild.

    1. Thanks for sharing part of your story with me and for the lovely wishes, Diane. Wishing you a lovely holiday that includes many oohs and ahhs over your crocheted treasures.

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