Christmas Corrine Gilman

Christmas is around the corner

Christmas is around the corner and will be here before we know it.  I’ve been a busy elf getting ready for the holiday art and craft show next week and feeling a bit out of the loop.  But I took a few hours on Thursday to shop local with mom and pop shops in our area. An independent bookseller, a letterpress shop, and some fair trade artisan making as well.  My local thrifts both support homelessness and food bank initiatives.  My spirit of the season feels good and real to me.  It’s about belonging to your community and supporting those that live close by. I do love Christmas, the twinkling lights, feeding a wonderful meal to my family and open trinkets and treasures on Christmas morning.  Walking with dogs and baking them extra goodies to celebrate too.  I am feeling grateful for close friends and far away friends like most of you who come and visit me here.  Over the holiday time I plan to read and recoup, take long walks and hopefully get back into my yoga practice at a new studio.  Some self care is in order.  I am looking forward to the minutes of light each day we can add on at the Solstice but realize this is the time for inward reflection and nesting and renewal.  In the spirit of this renewal, I’ve not had much time for journal time so today a few digital journal pages are what I could muster.  Hope your preparations for this holiday are bringing you joy and peace in your own lives.  If we can find that we can spread it outward into our troubled world.  xox

by Corrine Gilman

photo by Corrine Gilman


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