Who do you see? Diane Moore

What do you see? The other night I looked at a patch of wallpaper border in my camper and saw a face. It is a snarling man, with one eye open, and the other eye a flower. His mouth is drooping in the corner, giving him an angry appearance, yet there is the flower eye, and two on his cheek, making you wonder how anyone with the beauty of flowers so close could be so upset. I left the room then walked back again to see if it would still catch my eye. It did. What used to be a simple flower border has been transformed forever in my mind. I start putting too much thought into it. Is the man angry, frightened, or disabled in some way? Would it be temporary? Would he go back to his happiness where more flowers could grow?


I know other people do it. (OCT 27) I saw this tree in the Kaibab Forest, and posted it on-line saying it reminded me of a woman bent over to scold her children, or me attempting to walk when my back was out. My friend, Jill, saw a praying mantis. I can see that too.




This granite rock outcropping in Sylvan Lake, S.D. (JULY 8) had my daughter, Kelsey, seeing a dog with a frog on its head. I couldn’t see that, but she had a backer in my friend, Margie. When I pulled the picture out to write this, I saw it! Kelsey had told me to turn the picture sideways. I saw a lion with it turned one way, and a happy monkey the other. But, I can also see the dog and the frog now. In the second picture at the lake, my daughter saw a monkey again when she turned it on its side. I could see the monkey, but face down after a night of partying. Desperate for a drink of water, or so zonked, he didn’t realize yet that he was lying in it. (In case any of these rocks look familiar to you, and you can’t think why, the film National Treasure: Book of Secrets was made in this area, and the lake area was part of the lost city of Cibola.)


What is most interesting to me about these visions, are that I’m not looking for them. A glance in the right direction is all it takes… and a little imagination. Who do you see?

by Diane Moore

photos by Diane Moore



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