Jill Eudaly

November 28th was Small Business Saturday, the day after Black Friday. In my opinion it is the sane way to kick off Christmas gift buying. I know there are people who love Black Friday, God bless them, but I need to shop at a slower pace.

On Saturday I did some shopping in my two stop light home town. The downtown shopping district is a short four blocks long. The best thing about shopping in a local business is seeing the owners and their employees.

The local drugstore is privately owned. Inside they have typical drugstore items but they also have a fantastic gift shop. It changes with the seasons and the selection makes it hard to choose just one thing. As I perused the gift shop I found myself feeling joy and happiness. The pharmacist who has been there for years was leaning against the counter having a personal conversation with a customer. They were chatting about things happening in their lives. (I wasn’t ease dropping; it’s a small store everyone could hear)

While paying for my purchases a long time store employee was giggling as she told me about another employees recent antics with a customer. I was happy to listen as she wrapped my gifts in tissue paper and placed them in decorative gift bags. Yep, they are ready to be delivered, no wrapping on my part!

As I exited the store I thought about how comforting it is to know that these people will be here next time I stop to buy a lottery ticket or a birthday card. We need to shop small businesses year around!


For those of you wanting to know what the clerk was giggling about….

One of the drugstore employees (her name was never mentioned) adores gnomes. A customer sporting an impressive beard caught the attention of the gnome loving store clerk. It seems she thought the man needed some mushrooms on his hat to complete his look. Men with glorious breads, a gnome fangirl and accessorizing with mushrooms…my kind of town!





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