Frosty Morning Diane Moore

Waking up to temperatures in the teens doesn’t make me want to get out of bed anytime soon. When I stir, the cat is at my side asking for breakfast and the dog wants attention which quickly turns into a demand for her morning walk. I step outside, bundled for the cold and I notice the heavy frost covering my windshield. I remind myself to allow extra minutes to warm the truck and scrape the windows before I drive to work.

But soon, all of this is forgotten as I traipse into a magical frost covered forest. The woods are sparkling and twinkling at me everywhere I turn. It is beautiful. I try to capture the pinpoints of sun reflecting off all this fairyland magic, but know that my camera won’t do it justice. I continue to try though.

frosty log 2

Areas I don’t expect, rocks, and weeds, logs and stumps, everything has been coated. I bend down for close ups, but touch as little as possible, or the magic will quickly melt away. Soon the dog and I have walked further than planned, but neither of us wants to turn around. I take pictures of lamb’s ear, and think of my mother, who taught me the names of common plants. My mind keeps wandering and my camera keeps snapping pictures trying to capture the beauty. It is as if we are walking in a new land, even though we have covered this same trail many times.

lambs ear melting


As I stop for another picture, I see the frost is now drops of dew on a lamb’s ear. The magic is melting, and it reminds me, I need to get home and ready for work. I remember that I will need extra time for warming and scraping the truck. Reluctantly, I turn the dog around and walk back through the woods. The frost is rapidly disappearing, and the fairy tale illusion that had been created is waning. But, I take the enchantment with me in my mind and in the pictures I took.

frosty stump

The truck gets warm and I hurry down the road. As I clock in at work, with only 20 seconds to spare, I am still smiling, and my mind is still back in the magical forest that I reluctantly got out of bed to visit just a short time ago.

by Diane Moore

photos by Diane Moore

frost on rock and weed


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