Thursday is our day of Thanksgiving here in the United States. We will be gathering to celebrate with our family and friends on this day of feasting and counting our blessings. For those of you who’s gatherings tend to be a mix of oil and vinegar, heavy on the vinegar, we offer this week a few perspectives that many get you in a more harmonious mood.

Corrine Gilman basks in the light and plays in the shadows this week.

Diane Moore gives a peek into the lives of two eccentric American legends.

Lynn Radford takes us into the woods.

I suggest flowers as a soothing balm and a few words for your time around the dinner table.

Remember to enjoy your Thanksgiving. Don’t let the stress of entraining, traveling or spending time with the outlaws in your family overtake the day. Breathe deeply, put a smile on your face and choose to be happy.

To lighten the mood…

Funny Bird

A turkey is a funny bird

It’s head goes wobble, wobble

All it knows is just one word

“Gobble, gobble, gobble.”

by Anonymous

We publish new material every Monday, please make us a weekly stop.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

Jill Eudaly

P.S. A few words from my mom…retiree on the go.

Happy Thanksgiving!     That’s it, I’m on vacation this week.



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