Qualities of Light Corrine Gilman

Qualities of Light


In the morning pre-dawn the daylight shifts from the other side of the world and lifts me to notice what remains of the night sky. A sliver of moon, Venus or Mercury hanging like a white pom pom in the sky.  The tips of fire on the pines as the lights carries us into day. At noon the light, like a thief, slides along the house as the sun moves from east to west. It is so bright I need to leave my work desk and go outside for a walk about.  Last light, especially on these shortest of days in the Northern Hemisphere calls out to me in startling detail the door opening into night. Brilliance and shadows, sharp contrasts and hard angles, moody cloudy days and deepest night filled with stars.  How lucky are we to view these things.

by Corrine Gilman

photo by Corrine Gilman




3 thoughts on “Qualities of Light Corrine Gilman

  1. I’m a morning person as well so this time of year I”m rising while the sky is still dark and watching it gradually lighten and brighten. The leaves have fallen now so we’re actually able to view the sunset out the back door. While winter is not my favorite season (too cold), it is becoming so for the glorious light that bathes the house.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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