Indian Summer Hike, Lynn Radford

An Indian Summer Hike

Our lovely, most generous blog host, Jill Eudaly, gifted me with some of the milkweed seeds she’d recently collected. (Read her November 9th post, Flying Tufts of Fluff.)


They arrived just in time for National Take A Hike Day, this Tuesday past. I could think of nothing more fitting than to carry them along in hopes of finding just the right place for them. I ended up planting them along a pasture fence line, where I hope they’ll thrive.

My head tends to be on a 360 degree swivel, looking up, down and all around when I’m out in nature. (That might be why I trip a lot, or maybe it’s just the moles…) The pair of Red Tailed Hawk nests were the first thing to catch my eye, then I noticed how surreal the clouds looked. I was glad to have remembered my camera on this excursion.


Leaves crunching underfoot as I went along, I was surprised to find erosion had exposed previously buried trash. Back in the day, the farmers didn’t have their trash hauled, they burnt what they could and buried what they couldn’t.


As an artist, I found a few pieces that inspired and took them back to the studio with me. Who knows what their next life might be?

Finding myself in the area of my favorite rock, I chose to take a sit.


The rock lies below a sizable man made pond, and overlooks a steep gorge. This is my view into the gorge…



This is the view looking into the trees above…


Sitting here, I couldn’t help but feel an abundance of gratitude. In this, the week of Thanksgiving, I wish all of you the same.

by Lynn Radford

photos by Lynn Radford







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