Flowers, The Amen Jill Eudaly

“The Amen” of nature is always flowers. by Oliver Wendell Holmes

Now that fall has come to a close the landscape is brown and gray, this is the time of year when I start to buy fresh flowers for my home. These fragrant beauties change the atmosphere of a room.


I did a little research on the effect of flowers on human beings. In a study a group of women were given either fresh flowers, a candle or a fruit basket. It was noted that the women given flowers were the most excited by the gift and were reported  to still be in a good mood three days later. To read up the subject click here. Men, buying women flowers is a REALLY good idea!


I recently bought one large bouquet of mixed flowers and a bundle of sunflowers at my local grocery store. I spent about $20. Then I took a walk and collected some greens off a few shrubs and trees. Next I gathered jars, vases and whatever I though might look nice holding flowers. Use what you have. Be creative, there are no rules.


By breaking up the bouquet and adding greens I created several arrangements. Spreading the love people.


This Thanksgiving add some flowers to your home. The vibe they give off may just lower the stress level enough to keep your family from needing a referee …

The Earth laughs in flowers. by Ralph Waldo Emerson

They also make nice hostess gifts!

by Jill Eudaly

photos by Jill Eudaly



3 thoughts on “Flowers, The Amen Jill Eudaly

  1. Flowers always make me think of growth and sunlight, that’s probably why they are such mood lifters. xox Corrine

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