Finding Conversation Jill Eudaly

At my house we get up each morning long before the sun rises. Conversation at our dinner table is often lacking due to the fact that we are worn out from our day. In an effort to get my family to talk beyond the usual questions, “how was your day?” and the one word answer, “fine.” I started to add “things” to our table to encourage not only words but thought.

On this week on national Thanksgiving I have decided to add prayer and jokes to our meal. The feast will leave no room for things.

Thanksgiving Prayer

For each new morning with it’s light

For rest and shelter of the night

For health and food

For love and friends

For everything Thy goodness sends

by Ralph Waldo Emerson


For children and the young at heart,

Thank you God for all that grows

Thank you for the sky’s rainbows

Thank you for the stars that shine

Thank you for these friends of mine

Thank you for the moon and sun

Thank you God for all you’ve done!

by Anonymous


Which side of the turkey has the most feathers?    the outside!

What sound does a turkey’s phone make?     Wing, Wing

Why did the turkey cross the road?      it was the chicken’s day off!

Which part of the turkey is most musical?    the drumstick….

What did the turkey say to the computer?   Google, Google, Google


Here is a running list of THINGS I have added to our dinner table.

A bottle of S. Pellegrino, Italian sparkling water.

Loaf of fresh bread with herb infused olive oil for dipping.

A handful of fall leaves to admire, identify and smell.

Taste testing/comparison of a variety of pears.

Two persimmon fruits.







2 thoughts on “Finding Conversation Jill Eudaly

  1. Nice lists for conversations. WE never seem to lack for it in our house, but we are all grown ups with a penchant for talk. xox Corrine

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