I’m so glad you stopped by today.

Lately the nightly news has left us bewildered. So this week we are focusing on humor, good will and comfort. We all could use a bit of each right now.

Hannah Koch, along with some friends, are making whimsical ornaments to support an important cause.

Diane Moore shares how she expresses her humor with a hook and yarn.

I am justifying purchases from the local farmer’s market and anticipating winter.

The butternut squash moose photo on the Welcome cover was made by Linda McCully. Knowing Linda, I would say she turned the squash into art so she wouldn’t have to cook it. Dinner reservations are more her style. Gives her more time to create.(big grin)

I encourage you to find humor, extend good will and give comfort to yourself and those around you this week. The world is certainly in need of all three.

Please stop back next Monday when we publish new content.

Click on a photo and happy reading.

Warmest regards,

Jill Eudaly,

P.S. A few words from my mom…retiree on the go!

Chocolate is always the right answer.

…What more is there to say? Sad or upset, husband driving you crazy, kids screaming or your mother-in-law … (we won’t go there.)

Even when everything is prefect (then you get two chocolates.)

If you drop your chocolate on the floor, pick it up and eat it. Chocolate doesn’t attract cooties.

Here is another good tip given to me by my librarian (Jessica). When you eat a cookie break it in half, this will cause the calories to fall out. Librarians don’t lie!

Remember, no matter how bad things are for you there is always someone who is worse off. Have hope and be kind.


3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Just as you did on your blog – you have created a place of fun, beautiful photography, creativity galore and a humble appreciation for Mother Nature! Your soul shines through, as well as your passion for small tokens from earth’s bounty. My congratulations to you for taking that next step and expanding your horizons! What an inspiration for me and other artists to see your boldness in envisioning this safe creative haven! Thank you Jill for your unwavering support and kindness. Many thanks~ Hannah

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