The Nobel Cucurbita Jill Eudaly


Since late summer farmer’s markets and grocery stores have been stocked with gourds, pumpkins and squash of all kinds. Many varieties this year were new to me. Something new! Give me two or three…my car has a big trunk.

As the weeks went by my collection of Cucurbita (family genus of pumpkins, gourds and squash) grew. Some of my purchases were made purely for the decorating of my home and are destined for the compost. Others were meant for culinary delights and they are piling up on the kitchen counter.

I thought about doing a cooking marathon but that leads to dirty dishes. Then the FUN solution came to me, photograph these wonders of nature! I spent a beautiful sunny afternoon outside taking photos.

With a camera hanging around my neck and boxes full of squash, gourds and pumpkins, I walked around my yard and nearby woods. No one stopped to ask me what I was doing. I would have loved to explained how I was taking portraits of the noble Cucurbita family.

There was only one diva moment to report during the shoot. The large pumpkin or gourd (I couldn’t get a straight answer on which I was dealing with) leapt off a perfectly good tree branch. I know the tree had thorns but I was careful about the placement. The good news is that the pumpkin or gourd, whatever, survived the five foot fall and we continued on…

There is a Cinderella pumpkin and a striped spaghetti squash still sitting in my kitchen. I’m thinking they were used for art, if they happened to get cooked and eaten that’s a bonus!


The photo shoot has been edited and is ready for you to view.

Bon Appetit!

(Photos are as good as it gets, I’m not cooking!)

by Jill Eudaly

photos by Jill Eudaly






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