Stories In Stiches Diane Moore

Let your inner crazy out. We all need some type of relaxation that is ours alone. I like to walk, read and crochet. I tend to walk in zigzag patterns, allowing my dog to choose the path. It can lead to trouble at times, but is often more interesting than the trail everyone else is taking. I go through spells on what I like to read. At one time it was the classics, for a time the Oprah Winfrey favorites, now I tend to read light mysteries, something I had not liked in the past. I love to look at crochet patterns. I can spend hours on the internet picking out my favorites. My problem is that I don’t like to follow patterns when I am actually crocheting.

This summer I found the perfect pattern for a shawl. I wanted to make it as a gift, so I fully intended to follow through with the pattern. I would look at the pattern over and over. I bought the yarn I needed and set it out so I would see it daily, and begin the project. This went on for months. Finally I began. It was a new stitch I hadn’t tried before, and it was fun to learn. But after the first few rows I didn’t like it, so tore it out. Then I began again. I still didn’t like it. So, I set it aside to mull over. After a few weeks it went back to the cupboard. I learned that following patterns on a big project was the wrong thing for me. I need to design my own simple ones, or stick to the little creations.

I have stuck to the pattern a few times. I might not use the right size hook or yarn, but I come fairly close to the stitches that were intended. Most of what I make is impractical, but to me it is fun. For my crocheted camper keychain and lizard bookmark, I followed a pattern. My keychain hangs in my camper on a peg where keys are to go and the lizard’s tail is wrapped around a nail on the side of a cupboard. Both make me smile when I see them.


More fun for me is to make it up as I go along. Last year I was in Nevada and became fascinated with rattlesnakes. I started making small rattlesnakes similar to the “bookworms” my Mum had taught me to crochet as a child. But, I embellished the snakes with beads and a bell. I added eyes and a tongue. I coiled them in shapes, and handed them out to co-workers. Soon, we were all in on the act, and a small doll became a rattlesnake victim in front of a stagecoach decoration at a hotel.


As the winter progressed, I was back in Pennsylvania. I thought I would crochet a scarf. I took the rattlesnake to a larger scale. Little did I know when I created a bright, pink, rattlesnake scarf, the following winter I would be at the Grand Canyon. Home to the habitat of the pink rattlesnake!


The other day I sat down to crochet a headband. I was thinking about making a pink rattlesnake to match my scarf. I couldn’t find enough pink yarn on hand, so I decided I would be more realistic and crochet one in tan. As I began the headband, my mind began wandering, and before I knew it, I had an entirely different plan. What was intended to be a pink rattlesnake headband became a pictograph of my life at the Grand Canyon. What better place to make one than the southwest? A few days later I was sifting through my yarn, and found a skein of pink. It is a more vivid color than the initial scarf I made, but the rattlesnake headband is in progress!

In the back of my mind I started thinking I could make the different animals found at the Grand Canyon into headbands. I had already made one lizard, and could do so on a larger scale, turning it into a headband. One day a little girl walked into the store where I was working donning a gray headband with whiskers and ears, designed to remind you of a cat. Soon, I had turned it over in my thoughts enough times I knew I could turn the design into a mountain lion. The lizard is currently on hold.

Most of my designs are silly, and maybe “cute”. My daughter is a fan, and I have a few projects in mind to work on for her. I tend to be done though after I complete a design. I might have good intentions to make more, but my mind has wandered off to a new project. Most of my creations I post on Facebook. Some, I don’t think should be shown in public. Speaking of that, I got the pink rattlesnake headband done.



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