Imagine no Malaria Hannah Koch

Imagine No Malaria

Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments were a collaboration with myself and the children I teach on Wednesday nights


Horne Memorial United Methodist Church


An ornament to raise funds for

Imagine No Malaria


The cutest mosquitoes out there!

Each one is different.


Just takes a few simple supplies.


Here’s what you need:

Paper, Sticky eyes, Ribbon, Twine, Pipe cleaners, Tulle and hot glue!


The children created the body of the mosquitoes

with colored pencils and markers.

A circle cutter helped me get those awesome mosquitos bodies!


I used 2 circles per mosquito.

Then hot glued the ribbon, 6 pieces of twine for the legs and tulle for the wings.


I cut the tulle and folded it corner to corner a few times to get the wings.

The sticky eyes and pipe cleaner are already on the front body of the mosquito.


Last step~ hot glue the front body onto the back.


These ornaments along with many other beautiful ornaments and goodies will be on sale Sundays and Wednesday starting November 15th at Horne Memorial UMC,

North Carolina.

by Hannah Koch

photos by Hannah Koch

Read more about Hannah at Artist Holiday

A link to Imagine no Malaria


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