Finding Conversation Jill Eudaly

Lately I’ve been adding things to our  dinner table to inspire conversation. This week I have an idea that will also solve a clutter problem. News papers and magazines have been piling up. No one has looked at them. I’m tempted to just recycle the pile and be done with it.

Shazam! An idea came to me. I plan to divide the pile between my family– divide and conquer the mess. Each of us will quickly look through our individual pile. If anything of interest pops out, we will share by reading out loud. When it’s time to clear the dishes, the magazines and news papers go into the recycle bin. Done!

Might this also work for junk mail and catalogs?????

I challenge you to join me in putting conversation back into our lives.What better place to start than at the tables where we gather to eat? I have found that by adding THINGS to our dining room table, conversation has picked up.

Here is a running list of THINGS I have added to our dinner table.

A bottle of S. Pellegrino, Italian sparkling water.

Loaf of fresh bread with herb infused olive oil for dipping.

A handful of fall leaves to admire, identify and smell.

Taste testing/comparison of a variety of pears.

Two persimmon fruits.

News paper and magzines


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