Welcome to You-R-Here,

My Grandma Tutz liked to say, “Talk is cheap, but it takes money to buy whiskey.”

No more TALKING about doing something, this week DO something that makes your soul sing…or you could just buy whiskey…it’s been known to make people sing too. (Big grin)

This week we are taking time to be present in the moment and embracing the season.

Corrine Gilman makes “letting go” a daily ritual that connects her to her beloved pups.

Diane Moore and her pup go on daily romps around the Grand Canyon.

Lynn Radford lives her life in tune with the seasons at Piney Creek Acres.

I have been finding delight in watching milkweed seeds take flight and sampling exotic Asian fruit.

We hope you “let go” this week and take delight in something found on a breeze.

New content is posted here on Monday mornings. Click a photo and read one of our food for thought articles. I think they make for great lunch time reading.

Warmest Regards,

Jill Eudaly

P.S. A few words from my mom, retiree on the go!

Get a notebook. My grandchildren call my notebook grandma’s memory.

I write everything down in a cheap notebook. Reminders for things like bills or greeting cards that need to be put in the mail. I have a page for each room in home. On these pages I write things like; Living room rearrange furniture, need new pillow for the sofa. Downstairs bathroom needs new towels. You get the idea.

There are also pages for chores, rake leaves, weed flower bed and take clothes to Good Will. I also keep a shopping list. After I complete a task I cross it off. When a page is done, I rip it out. Now that’s exhilarating! Be on top of things and keep moving, that’s how you stay young!


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I’m with Nancy. I feel accomplished ripping off those “done” pages. I still have old notebooks I am using from when the kids were in elementary school. Can’t waste that paper!

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