In My Own Backyard Lynn Radford

Getting out in the world is difficult for me, but I do my best to enjoy the treasures in my own back yard. Being present in the moment allows me to more deeply appreciate the subtle nuances of those treasures.

There is nothing quite like fall at Piney Creek Acres. (It’s where I make my home with my husband, five cats and a dog.) Aptly named, Piney Creek Acres is densely populated with a variety of pines. One lone maple and one lone oak rooted themselves here of their own accord and we are grateful. A few years ago, we planted a Golden Willow by the stream… it is always the last tree to turn.


Admittedly, autumn is my favorite season. Spring runs a close second, but fall is the best. I love the mild temperatures, the clear skies, the brightly colored foliage…  maybe it’s just the Pennsylvania in me, and I’m okay with that. (You’ll never catch me living south of the Mason Dixon.)


Fall chores are satisfying for me, like no mundane daily chore could ever be. I recently spent a few weeks moving dry, split wood indoors, resupplying our stock for the cold season.


Out at the stable, our stock is waning. Another wood delivery is imminent. I hope it arrives before the cold, wet weather does.

Planting bulbs for spring is one of my favorite fall chores. Alas, this year found me bulb-less.

Baking is a favorite fall pastime of mine. I make a to-die-for Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread, but this week’s bounty was Pumpkin Loaf.


May you all enjoy November’s bounty, until next time….

 by Lynn Radford     freelance writer & artist

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6 thoughts on “In My Own Backyard Lynn Radford

  1. Nice views and that willow is pretty. No more stacking wood for us now – well a bit for the barn. I do miss foraging for my kindling stash though. But not setting up 4 cords has been heaven on my shoulders. Still, it always filled me with a deep rooted sense of being present. xox

  2. We are still gathering wood…running behind as usual. Loved the peak into the “a day in the life” of Piney Creek. As admirer of trees I swooned over the colors in your photos.

    1. Thanks, Jill. (It’s been a while since you visited….) I am oft reminded of Thomas Jefferson’s words in Notes on the State of Virginia, where he says, “Yet here, as in the neighborhood of the Natural Bridge, are people who have passed their lives within a half dozen miles, and have never been to survey these monuments of a war between rivers and mountains, which must have shaken the earth itself to its centre.” He was talking about the naturally formed precipices and overhangs near the Potomac in this particular instance, though he says this time and again throughout. Basically, he can’t believe that folks don’t explore the area in which they live, although they will cross oceans to see other wonders. I’m a Jefferson girl, too. Can you tell? LoL!

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