Embracing My Wild Corrine Gilman

“As a companion to five rescue dogs, one of the greatest joys I experience is to

“be the dog” every afternoon.  A dog running for the sake of running is a beautiful

act to me.  It is a no holds barred, pure energy embracing of life.  So each afternoon

I go out into our yard and run wildly with the dogs for as long as I can.  Making huge

zigs and zags across the lawn, just enjoying embracing my wild, feeling the muscles

moving and the release that comes from physical exertion.  It makes me more

connected to them and their primal energy somehow.  It fills me to overflowing and they

seem to love that I want to be like them instead of the other way around.  Just play, just

wild, just free.

by Corrine Gilman artist, writer and teacher


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4 thoughts on “Embracing My Wild Corrine Gilman

  1. My hips and knees groaned when I read about the zigging and zagging you do while playing. Must mean I need to start doing it! What a wonderful thing to do with your dogs each day. Glad my dogs can’t read!

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