Welcome to the second publishing of You-R-Here.

Halloween is behind us and all but a few trees have lost their foliage. Yesterday we flipped the page on the calendar and turned the clocks back an hour, all signs of fall coming to a close.

Today we offer you stories about exploration. We move from sacred internal space to the joy found in the external world.

Corrine Gilman takes us on an interior journey.

Diane Moore shares the excitement of encountering wild animals during her travels.

I have been gathering bits of nature in the forest and capturing these last days of fall in photos.

The weatherman is predicting warm clear days for western Pennsylvania. I plan to enjoy each and every day of this mild November weather. I hope you take time this week to “be” in your environment.

Warmest regards,

Jill Eudaly


A few words from my mom…

Look ahead.

Look to the future.

Look at the past to understand, not to dwell on it.

Keep moving they can’t hit a moving target!

By Nancy Stach, retiree on the go.


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