Photo Editing Tips Jill Eudaly

Everyone is taking photos these days. Cell phone cameras are remarkably good. Unfortunately this doesn’t guarantee that all of your photos will be show stoppers. The good news is that help is only a few clicks away.

A good editing program can rescue all those so-so photos. There are many photo editing apps for mobile devices, my favorite is Aviary. This app is free for both iPhone and Android. When editing on my laptop I often use Windows Photo Gallery, a standard program on most computers.

If you are editing with a Windows program I suggest making a copy of the photo before you start. Once the photo has been edited and saved there is no going back. Mobile phone photo editing is a little different. In my experience the original photo stays intact on the camera roll.

When you are ready to give photo editing a try here are a few tips that will turn a bad picture into a good photograph in under two minutes.

Start with cropping, most pictures benefit from this one trick. Practice is the best way to train your eye on finding a focal point within the photo. Once the photo has been trimmed of distractions, what’s left will pop!

                                                                             Before Cropping


                                                                                      After Cropping


Next adjust the exposure. Slide the bar back and forth, and then decide if the photo looked better darker or brighter. Also play with the contrast level. Finally, try the saturation setting; this is where color enhancing takes place.


IMG_2738 (2)                                                               Before

IMG_2738                                 After, the exposure was brightened and color saturated.

If you are already proficient in photo editing and looking to take your photographs to the next level visit Kat Eye Studio. There you will find tips, online courses and eBooks on how to turn mobile phone photos into art.

Happy Shooting!

by Jill Eudaly

Photos by Jill Eudaly




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