Finding Conversation Jill Eudaly

I challenge you to join me in putting conversation back into our lives. What better place to start than at the tables where we gather to eat? I have found that by adding THINGS to our dining room table, conversation has picked up.

A few days ago I bought a variety of pears and we had a taste testing during our meal.Turns out there was a lot to say about the pears. We talked about taste, texture and range of colors. My husband and daughter liked the brown Bose pear best. I preferred the red Bartlett.  Each of us contributed to the conversation and enjoyed our time together.

Here is a running list of THINGS I have added to our dinner table.

  1. A bottle of S. Pellegrino, Italian sparkling water.

2. Loaf of fresh bread with herb infused olive oil for dipping.

3. A handful of fall leaves to admire, identify and smell.

4. Taste testing/comparison of a variety of pears.

by Jill Eudaly

Photos by Jill Eudaly



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