Welcome to the launch of You-R-Here.

The articles published here on Monday mornings will give you food for thought each week. It is my hope that our words spark your imagination and cause a ripple that connects you to your environment and the people around you.

Like fingerprints, no two lives are alike. As you read this week’s articles please keep in mind that each writer is living a life centered around their own heart beat.

Corrine Gilman is an artist who writes poetic prose that spring fourth from her creative, kind soul.

Diane Moore lives as a modern day explorer of America who seeks out great natural treasures.

Me, I am an admirer of the natural world and am inspired by the creative ingenuity of the people I meet.

Other voices will join us before the year comes to a close.

Today on our debut publishing we are exploring the change of season. Fall is in midstride with winter just ahead. We hope you enjoy our musings on how we are adjusting our lives to this wonder of nature.

Warmest regards,

Jill Eudaly

Photo by Jill Eudaly


A few words from my mom….

You’re bored? Bored is not a word I know.

A board (I know what that is) is made from a tree and used to build a house, a bench, a table or bird house. If you have a board, well make something and you won’t be bored.

by Nancy Stach,  a retiree on go.

(I have to be put on my mom’s calendar if I want to see her)


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