New Neighborhood Diane Moore

Living in my camper is freedom.   As the seasons transform, so does my home.  In the past year I have lived in Nevada, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and now I have landed at the Grand Canyon, AZ for the winter.  There is a hidden world of transient workers at the National Parks and hot tourist locations, and I am one of them.  Other than the new friends I meet, I have no ties to the area. I can move on at will, and usually make my decision on where to live next within weeks of the change.



Every day is a new experience.  Currently, I have elk and the mule deer grazing in the neighborhood.   I can listen to the sound of the raven’s wings flapping overhead on my walks, and I hear the canyon wren’s giggling chirp as it hops around the pines.  The climate, the views, the animals, the people and the job are evolving, as I advance into the new season.

by Diane Moore an American Explorer

Photos by Diane Moore



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