Finding Conversation

Finding Conversation

Not long ago I noticed that dinner conversation was lacking from our evening meal. In our defense we get up early, before the chickens early. By five o’clock in the afternoon we are running low on energy. No one seems to be able to muster the strength to answer the usually questions.

How was your day?

Did you see so and so?

How was school?

Okay, I’ll admit it, mundane questions. Snore worthy to be honest.

Then one day quite by accident, I solved the problem of silent dinners. The solution came about while trying to tackle the other problem associated with this meal,

What’s for dinner?

While grocery shopping I picked up a few items to jazz up my usual pasta dinner, the pasta dinner that I cook on auto pilot when I have no idea what to make for dinner. Fresh bakery bread to dip in herb infused olive oil and a bottle of S. Pellegrino sparkling water. These things inspired my husband to reminisce about a work related trip to Italy he took two years ago and our daughter read aloud the entire label on the bottle of Italian sparkling water. We found dinner conversation that night.

Eureka! Adding THINGS to the dinner table inspired talking where questions and topics of interest had failed. Might this change the way we eat? Could this idea if applied to dinner tables, work break rooms and dinner parties all over the country get people to put down their phones?   (I love a little drama)

Finding Conversation will be a weekly posting on You-R-Here. This week I’m adding a hand full of fall leaves to our table. We will try to identify what type of leaves we have, compare colors and smell the leaves. Oh, the smell of fall!

I challenge you to join me in putting conversation back into our lives. What better place to start than at the tables where we gather to eat?


by Jill Eudaly

Photo by Jill Eudaly



4 thoughts on “Finding Conversation

  1. Jill, no surprise how beautiful and creative you are from photo to conversation starters. This is very thought provoking !, I look forward to the ” follow”

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